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Replacement of Perma-Door U Channel Door Bottoms

Replacement of Perma-Door U Channel Door Bottoms

Prior to the early 1990’s, Perma-Door manufactured their steel edge entry door utilizing a 20-gauge galvanized bottom channel that was installed in the bottom of the slab in an inverted position (see figure 1). This channel accommodated a U-shaped bottom seal that was installed via screws into the bottom of the door and would form a seal with the threshold, preventing water and air from penetrating the interior of the home.

In the early 1990’s when Perma-Door merged with Taylor Door, the old “U”-channel-type door bottom was eliminated from the product line. This type of sweep continued to be manufactured by other companies for several years, but was eventually discontinued.

As we realize that many customers continue to be happy with the performance of their Perma-Door but may desire to replace the door bottom, we’re offering a solution:

How to Replace the Door Bottom on Your Perma-Door

  1. Use an L-shaped bottom sweep (our part: #840016).
  2. Remove the old U-shaped channel bottom either by carefully cutting away the old material or by removing the slab from the hinges, laying the unit on its side and unscrewing the old door bottom sweep.
  3. Reinstall the slab on its hinges if it was removed in step 2.
  4. Following the instructions provided by the new door bottom sweep’s manufacturer, install the new door bottom sweep on the bottom of the Perma-Door slab with the screws provided. (You may need to pre-drill the door slab.) Be sure that the new door bottom sweep comes into tight contact with the bottom of the door slab on the exterior of the door. (see figure 2)
  5. If a gap is present between the exterior of the slab and the new door bottom sweep, a small bead of silicone may be applied to prevent water from penetrating the gap. It is also recommended that you apply a small bead of silicone on both ends of the door bottom sweep where they meet the door slab to prevent water from entering the area.
  6. To prevent excessive wearing of your new door bottom sweep, be sure to adjust the riser of your threshold. This can be done by either tightening (lowering) or loosening (raising) the adjustment screws on the riser. A properly adjusted riser should come in contact with a bottom sweep but not cause excessive binding or tearing.