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Replacing a FUHR Hook Version Multipoint Lock with a HOPPE

Replacing a FUHR Hook Version Multipoint Lock with a HOPPE

Fuhr Hook Version Multipoint Lock Hardware

Terminology to Understand (Click for Further Details)
Backset Distance from the Faceplate to the center of the Key Cylinder
Handle Height Distance from bottom of lock to center of Handle
Hook-bolt, Tongue Type of Locking device
Strike Metal Plate on jamb that latch enters to secure door
Reversing Latch Necessary to change Handing of door
Hardware Adjustment Adjustment of Automatic Roller and converting to Semi-Automatic System or Manual System

The information in this article is provided by All About Doors & Windows of Kansas City and will describe the best option for replacing a FUHR Manual Hook-bolt Multipoint Lock with a Backset of 1-3/8” (35mm). Fuhr is no longer shipping their door lock products to the United States, and locks will need to be replaced with another brand. The information will apply equally to doors with different backsets.

As with all Single and Multipoint Locks, it is imperative to understand the important measurements of your particular lock – they are not all the same. The locations of the Latches, Handles, Overall Lengths and Backsets will vary among products. Be sure and choose the correct product that is best suited for your replacement. We try and list all known FUHR Multipoint locks and, with each, the best replacement.

If you are attempting to replace a Single Point Lock this article is NOT the one you want.

If you are attempting to replace a Manual Hookbolt Multipoint Lock please continue.

Basic Comparison

Replacing a FUHR Manual Hookbolt Multipoint Lock – 35mm Backset (part #499016099)

Best Replacement Option:HOPPE Manual Tongue Multipoint Lock – 35mm Backset(part #4990215)

The diagrams and photos in this article show locks with 35mm (1 3/8 inch) Backsets. The Backset is the distance from the front of the Faceplate to the center of the key or lock cylinder.

Please note that not every Multipoint Lock has a backset of 35mm, and to avoid a major construction operation you will need to replace your lock with one that has the same Backset. The diagram below shows a side-by-side comparison of the FUHR Manual Hook-bolt Multipoint Lock (Below left) and the HOPPE Manual Tongue Multipoint Lock (below right).

Notice that the majority of their measurements are not the same. There are however, some similarities.

One major difference between the FUHR Manual Hookbolt Multipoint Lock and the HOPPE Manual Tongue Multipoint Lock is the style of latches. Both latches extend horizontally, approximately 3/4 of an inch when the locking mechanism is engaged, but they look very different (see above). With only 1/16 of an inch difference, both styles of latches are very similar in width and projection.

Other differences between the two Locks are their Overall Length and Handle Height. This is not a problem. Notice in the diagram below that when installed in a door properly, the Handle Holes will line up exactly. This will ensure that the Bottom Tongues and Handle Height will line up exactly. However, the tops and bottoms of the Locks themselves do NOT line up exactly. Now you just need to score the Top and Bottom of the HOPPE Faceplate where the FUHR existed and cut the large sections off. Follow the step-by-step procedure below to properly install the HOPPE Manual Tongue Multipoint Lock.

Summary of Replacement Process (Detailed Steps Follow)

  1. Remove old lock
  2. Trim new lock to match length of old lock
  3. Install new lock
  4. Install trim, handles and keyed cylinder
  5. Check operation of lock
  6. Adjust / relocate strike plates on doorjamb, chiseling as needed, to line up with new lock

Detailed Step-byStep Installation Instructions

  1. Secure the HOPPE Extension Arm to the Gear Box, making sure to connect the Sliding Arm to the Sliding Arm Connector. (See below)

  1. Remove the existing FUHR Hook-bolt Multipoint Lock from your door and lay it over the Hoppe replacement. Use the square spindle attached to the Handle, and insert it through both square Handle Holes. This will align both locks together.
  2. Compare the Tops and Bottoms of the Locks. The HOPPE should be approximately 8-1/8 inches longer at the Top, and 6-3/8 inches longer at the Bottom.

  1. Score the Faceplate at the top and bottom of the HOPPE Manual Tongue Multipoint Lock for cutting. (See above)
  2. Using a Hacksaw cut the large sections off where you scored the Faceplate. Approximately 8-1/8 inch from the top and 6-3/8 inch from the bottom.
  3. After you have cut the top and bottom of the HOPPE Manual Tongue Multipoint Lock you can install and secure it to the door. Do not over tighten.
  4. Install hardware Trim / plates, handles and keyed cylinder. Do not over tighten. Check alignment of shoot-bolt.
  5. Tighten handle-set screws and check lock for proper function. The door should close, and Tongue Latch should lock into position when handle is lifted.
  6. Continue with the Article to address the Strike Plates.
    • Note: After lock is installed, it may be necessary to relocate strikes or make adjustments to them. The deadbolt may not go into the strike on some applications. See Details below if needed.

Once you have secured your HOPPE Manual Tongue Multipoint Lock to the door the Bottom Tongue, Deadbolt and Spring Latches should all line up with the preexisting Strike Plates.

If for some reason the HOPPE Manual Tongue Multipoint Lock’s Deadbolt and Spring Latch does NOT line up with the FUHR Strike plate or you are unhappy with the look, you can relocate the strike or purchase a Hoppe Product suitable to the color or finish desired.

The length of the FUHR and Hoppe strike plates are the same and HOPPE does offer a curved Strike Plate to reduce damage to the doorjamb. However, notice that the openings of the two Strike Plates are slightly different. (See below)

Finally, the positioning of the Top Tongue on the HOPPE Lock will not line up exactly with the preexisting Hook-bolt Strike Plate. It will be slightly higher than the previous latch.

This may require you to chisel out a small portion of the doorjamb.

First you will need to remove the Top Hook-bolt Strike Plate that was used with the FUHR Lock. Then you can chisel out a small section, extending the mortise in the doorjamb upward by 1/2 inch or less. When you have found the correct length and depth you can reinstall the Hook-bolt Strike Plate in its new position.

The information in this article may not apply to all Fuhr locks or accessories. However, when followed, we hope you have no issues with replacing your FUHR lock with your new HOPPE Manual Multipoint Lock. If you do not understand the information in this article completely, please consult someone who does.

DO NOT attempt to replace your Multipoint Lock yourself if you are unsure of anything in this article. Other options may be available, but not listed. All About Doors & Windows believes we have covered the most important steps required for a do-it-yourself installation. If you find that we have omitted something of value or have questions please let us know. As with all home improvements be sure and wear protective eyeglasses and follow the instructions provided with all tools or equipment.